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There are many standardized processes for handling data pools. The compliance of these processes has a high priority for the success of sales campaigns. The address editor datenfabrik.addit is optimiz...

The SSIS component datenfabrik.deletix facilitates deleting duplicated data records with different priorities and markings for blocking. The processing of different sources can be easily reproduced an...

datenfabrik.null is a freeware component for the SQL Server Integration Services. It trims spaces at start and end of all incoming string data and sets empty strings automatically to NULL values (DBNU...
Within a SSIS data stream, validates email addresses of customer data lists beyond a rudimentary check for syntax errors. In the various check-modes the component identifies both; fo...

Within the Integration Services, datenfabrik.gender verifies the gender of customers by using the first name. Therefore the SSIS component ensures that customers are always contacted with the correct ...

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The portfolio of the data quality components has extended by the component The datenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG has closed a lack within their data quality products by developing a com...

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