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Workwear-selling mail-order company relies on using datenfabrik.dedupe for detecting duplicates within their address lists

Workwear-selling mail-order company relies on using datenfabrik.dedupe for detecting duplicates within their address lists

Bonn, 09/09/2010 – The datenfabrik GmbH & Co KG, a pan-European active software provider for data quality components based in Bonn, today notified that the engelbert strauss GmbH & Co. KG could be acquired as new customer. The well-established Hessian enterprise- based in Biebergemünd which is leading in the market of selling workwear and industrial safety clothing has been using datenfabrik.dedupe, an SSIS dataflow component for detecting duplicates in address lists, for a few months already.

The term “Duplicate” refers to data records that occur multiple times within a database, for example with slightly differing syntax-. Such multiple entries arise for instance if the same customer is acquired through different input information, if the gathered person changes its name or address or if different address lists are merged. The presence of duplicates poses a complex issue, especially for mail-order companies: the price of mailing catalogues or direct mail advertisings increases significantly. In addition, the corporate image could decrease, as many customers are annoyed by receiving the same direct mail advertising repeatedly.

In order to avoid this, the Hessian family business was searching for a holistic solution to sustainably eliminate duplicates within their address lists and thus improve the data quality of their master data. The aspired solution should enable a regular and controlled process of address management while being outstanding in the ability of automation and traceability. Furthermore it should give the possibility of processing changes and amendments efficiently in combination with achieving a high performance at the same time. “datenfabrik.dedupe is doing a great job in our company”, Sven Helfrich, the project manager for data-warehousing of the engelbert strauss GmbH & Co. KG stated. “The software detects duplicates reliably and yields optimal results in the search of multiple entries in our customer address stocks, especially for our subsidiaries in other European countries.”

For ensuring the most efficient corporate usage the search for duplicates was implemented within an SSIS package that includes the component datenfabrik.dedupe. This ensures a fast examination of newly created customer contacts based on their creation date, which had to be checked manually in the past. As a great plus regarding datenfabrik.dedupe Helfrich lists the granular adjustment possibilities as well as the high detection rate when searching for duplicates: An unlimited number of sort keys and search parameters which define the search environment exactly can be assigned and the search for duplicates supports the use of phonetic algorithms. Sven Helfrich says: ”So far we could significantly improve the data quality in our customer database while decreasing the processing time and simplifying the entire process of duplicate detection, as well as reducing the costs and increasing the customer satisfaction.”

About datenfabrik

The datenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative and expanding software enterprise in the market of data quality. As a specialist for database management the company focuses on the development of effective database components for the Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), which are used for validation, cleansing and enrichment of address stocks. In cooperation with well-known partners the entire range of data quality management is covered, which contributes to success of marketing- and business intelligence strategies for numerous customers in the mail-order sector. In addition, the datenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG functions as a service provider for database-assigned direct marketing. Besides the field of data processing and data integration the datenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG provides services and solutions for address leasing and processing of address stocks. Beginning with their foundation about 6 years ago, the company is involved in the market of data processing, data quality and Business Intelligence and was able to position their services and products at different mail-order companies like the engelbert strauss GmbH & Co. KG and the Heiner Versand AG. Besides customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, datenfabrik supports enterprises throughout Europe and cooperates closely with development partners like telegate MEDIA AG (klick Tel), the AddressDoctor GmbH and Microsoft.


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